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1. What is one Film that means a lot to you?

Oooh that is a tough one.  I feel shitty for saying I have no clue, my mind is blank.

2. If you were to be one character from any fictional universe, who would you be and why?

Probably… Nathan from Misfits. He’s a dork, he’s comedic relief, he acts all hot shit but at the end of the day he’s alone. 

3. Where is one place you would to go in the world?

Easter Island! 

4. What is your ideal place to go and things to do on a night out?

If I have a night off I go home, chill, drink, listen to music :) So exciting, right? lol

5. What is your all-time favourite song?

Summertime Sadness was a hit right around the time my friend killed himself last May. I loved the song before that, but then afterwards it hit me real hard… now it’s something of a reminder. Not my favorite… but… important to me.

6. If you have played any games, what is your favourite game and why?

Haha oh man, I can’t play for shit but Croc and Spyro.

7. What is your favourite animal?

Dogs :)

8. What is your favourite book?

These questions are too hard, whyyyy!? How ‘bout I just say that my least favorite book is a math book!

9. What 3 celebrities (alive or dead) would you like to have over for dinner? 

Hugh Dancy, Robert Sheehan and Dylan O’brien. My GOD. And… fuck Lana Del Rey, I don’t even care that I’m going over my limit.

10. What is something you have always wanted but could never afford?

Well, being in massive debt for an education is pretty shitty.

11. If you had to survive a zombie apocalypse but could only take 3 items from your bedroom right now, what would you take and why?

A lighter, my backpack, my boots. Cause the rest of the shit in my room wouldn’t help.

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Anonymous asked: You're not the brightest bulb in the box, are you, love?

I’m guessing you aren’t the brave bulb. LOLOLOL

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the way he looks like he’s about to start laughing.

A day in the set for Jared ‘Douchebag’ Padalecki and Jensen ‘Fragile’ Ackles


whenwolfsbaneblooms asked: Question about that post you just did, skimming through I I saw that you wrote that Derek gave his alpha spark up to Scott (or at least that's how I read it). Except I'm pretty sure he gave that spark to Cora to heal her? Granted it's been a while since I watched the last half of season 3A, but I don't recall Scott 'getting' Derek's spark in any fashion.


Derek didn’t give his spark to Scott, he gave it to Cora to heal her and the extra spilled over in the telluric currents. That’s where Scott got it from.

Think of magical spark like electricity. 

What the show has depicted is that supernatural power doesn’t come from nowhere. If it leaves one place, it goes somewhere else. This is why the Darach needed to do the ritual sacrifices — to get the power. It had to come from somewhere.

Beacon Hills is like a giant circuit. The nemeton is a battery where you can store magical energy (that’s why the druids’ five-fold mark and blood was on the roots — they’d kept it powered up with sacrifices). The telluric currents are how the energy flows between magical points in Beacon Hills. The currents are what Jennifer and Nogi used to travel around from place to place.





See, telluric currents and magic energy are linked. It’s one big circuit.

We’ve also been shown or told these things about werewolf power which seem to be true (that is, the visuals confirm them, because a lot of what we’re “told” by the characters when there’s no visuals is later proven to be wrong):

  • You can get basic werewolf power by being born with it or bitten by an alpha and transformed (the process of transforming human energy to supernatural energy is what might kill you).
  • You can get an energy boost by being in a pack (it’s like an amplifying effect, by pooling the energy).
  • You can get more werewolf power by killing your betas (Deucalion) or killing an alpha (Peter killed Laura, Derek killed Peter).
  • You can get werewolf power if you’re a True Alpha. We haven’t been told how that works, but it must follow the rules which have been set for magic in this world. The power has to come from somewhere. That means, as a True Alpha you can probably take energy directly from the telluric currents, but there must be werewolf energy in the circuit already for you to be able to take it (like the Darach could take energy directly from the currents, but only after the sacrifices added power to the circuit).

So where did the energy come from that Scott was powered up with?

Well, I think being a True Alpha is a bit like being a nemeton. They can take and store energy directly from the circuit. It fits what we’ve been shown.

  • We first saw Scott visibly trying to be magically strong when he was attempting to break the mountain ash circle to rescue Deaton. That was right around the time the alphas were impaling Boyd on Derek’s claws, and Derek didn’t seem to get a power up from that death the way Deucalion said he should after killing a beta (Derek didn’t actually kill Boyd, he was just the weapon used to do so, which was probably why the energy didn’t go to him but went into the telluric currents instead). Scott probably got Boyd’s energy in that scene. Boyd was a beta though, so it wasn’t enough.
  • When Derek sacrificed his alpha powers to heal Cora, Scott was in the ice-bath being sacrificed to the nemeton, and black stuff flowed into his eyes. It didn’t flow into Allison’s or Stiles’ eyes. Derek’s sacrifice and the flow to Scott happened at the same time. Also Peter was super shady about what would happen if Derek gave up the energy, and I think he was expecting it to work like the Darach’s sacrifices and put power in the system he could then take.
  • Scott has been visibly getting stronger as werewolves have been killed in the deadpool. (As has Peter, actually, which is suspicious.) It was pointed out in 3B during the heist of Silverfinger’s scroll that he was very weak for an alpha, but by 410 Monstrous we saw he’s become powerful enough to have a werewolf face like Deucalion’s. The Demon Wolf got a face like that by killing his betas and taking their energy. The most likely source for Scott’s power is the deadpool energy.

The thing about Teen Wolf is that half the story is in what’s shown, not what’s told to us (which is often wrong, because the characters don’t have the full story, or are lying).

What we’ve been shown is that werewolf energy flows like electricity, and it can’t just magically come from nothing.

Scott’s True Alpha energy had to come from something. That’s how it works. And the visuals strongly imply he got his werewolf power from Peter’s bite in the first instance, then Boyd, Derek, and the deadpool.

(Also, disturbingly, Lydia screams right before Stiles crashes his car in 3A. He crashes due to the telluric current storm Jennifer threw at him, and the implication is the crash killed him, and that’s when he was possessed by Nogi, which saved his life. Nogi targetted him in particular because he was already a spark, but one who hadn’t come into his powers yet — a tempting target, nice and powerful, and easy to possess due to being mostly dead. Anyway, that’s also right around the time Scott was powering up and breaking through the Darach’s mountain ash circle, so it implies he got the energy from Stiles’ spark when Stiles died. Eek.)

Anyway, that’s what I meant when I said Scott got the energy from Derek’s sacrifice. It’s not that Scott stole it or anything, or that Derek gave it directly to him, but that Scott did his True Alpha thing and took it out of the magical circuit that is Beacon Hills.


Alpha Con: a brief summary.

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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns


he literally rolled out of bed to go do this television interview