I’m moved into Boston, wheres the reigns?

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[HQ] The cast of ‘The Maze Runner’ visits Fox 29’s ‘Good Day’ on September 2nd, 2014 


I DON’T GET IT. Jeff Davis knows the two biggest ships on the show are Stydia and Sterek??? and that like 99% of viewers ship at least one of those ships?? He also must know that Lydia is one of the top characters for everyone on earth, so WHY is he cutting her screen time and has introduced a random love interest for Stiles? I love Malia, she is adorable and great and fierce but she would be so much better ON HER OWN!!!!!!

Because Lydia doesn’t want to be in a relationship that defines her, she wants to be her own woman for once. She don’t need no man to walk her through her sleepwalks, she doesn’t need no man to bring her to go to figure things out.

Her whole character was based on being with other guys, lowering her IQ level in from of Jackson, showing her vulnerable side with Aidan, showing her flirtatious side with the one night stand guy. But then we see her change from the traumatic events, she no longer likes parties/clubs, she no longer wants to deal with heartbreak. She wants to do things her own way because she is independent and wants to figure out what she is to find out who she is before she starts loving someone else. 

And honestly from the very beginning when we saw her ignore Stiles it should have been apparent that their relationship would be a very slow burn. 

Malia has been alone long enough.

People/spoilers: I’m gonna make cool gifs of TMR from scenes they haven’t showed in trailers, so I can be the first person with a gif from that scene. I’m so hip.


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I’m moving tomorrow into another apartment. I’m so nerve wracked :’(

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So, I’m really banking on Stiles being presumed dead, and maybe this is finally the excuse to make him a Druid? As the emissary of The McCall Pack?

And we all know the guy who plays Deaton is leaving to be on The Walking Dead, so someone has to take his place in town. And Morrell and Stiles have history, so they could jump in with her training him. Maybe Peter could sense it, which is why he didn’t force the bite.

Looks like it’s gonna be a Red October ;)

Supernatural premieres October 7th
American Horror Story premieres October 8th
The Walking Dead premieres October 12th



Anybody know Anyone who Has Amazing Quality Video of Jared and Jensen at Vegas Con 2014 

and/or other cons from this year, besides NerdHQ and Comic-Con.

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his shirt though… Dylan… honey… what are you doing? Please… stop. I just want to send him some nice freakin shirts.