jensensbulge replied to your post: can tumblr fix their shit and stop del…

as far as i know they are deleting people who deserve to be deleted………….


pls let me know if this is none of my business heh

but im so super confused whats going on???



I did not see the Meredith reveal coming. I think it took a collective fandom by surprise. Kudos, Jeff Davis. Kudos.

Fair warning, this will be rambly… It will mostly be about the benefactor reveal with some added notes at the end.  I loved the reveal but pieces didn’t automatically fall into place for me, so this is me picking at them, trying them in different places to see if they fit. Not sure I’ll succeed, and most of this will probably be joshed by next week, but that’s half the fun of meta anyway. And this is mostly considering possibilites, spinning scenarioes..

All of it hidden behind the read more to spare your dash.You’re welcome.

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New York Film Academy’s study of gender inequality in the film industry.

Seeing it laid out like this discourages me, but also motivates me. I will be a director goddamnit and I will have order!


Who said the line :”This new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you.No seriously. Do you wanna just try makin’ out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?”


when straight people talk to gays

Isn’t that Jody from supernatural? lol And Bobby was in a wheelchair.

It looks like he’s saying ‘it has a fruity scent’ but Im high so… haha



Every hour, a supernatural teen gets hunted down and murdered. But thanks to donors like you, three thousand sexy teens were rescued last year. For hundreds of others, help never showed up. If you don’t call this number, you’re a murderer. 1-800-STOP-KILLING-SEXY-TEENS-YOU-GUYS.

Tyler Posey’s realistic impression tho! haha oh my god!




@oliviajmcm: It’s been an absolute pleasure spending the day with the cast of #TheMazeRunner. What an AWESOME bunch. UK publicity day 1- DONE

Just gonna start unfollowing all the people who don’t understand that Stiles can love both women in different ways.  

Stop sounding like a psycho bitch where boyfriends can’t have girl friends. And it’s funny how everyone who I follow who like Stiles and Lydia together, JUST SO HAPPEN, dislike this season- but of course you blame it on everything else.

Are there some things Teen Wolf could work on? Yes, every show does. But we still have 2 seasons left of this show and ya’ll bitches be hatin, like… I’m not gonna have haters on my dash. I’m not. 


*dylan’s ice bucket challenge (︶︹︺)*


I wonder, is what Stiles told his dad, “Well, I am [worried]” together with his name on the list foreshadowing? Will he do something really stupid in an attempt to solve their money - and all other - problems?

Because that’s how it feels to me, that they are pushing and prodding Stiles in a certan direction. In what direction, I don’t know. Just that it’s headed SOMEWHERE.

Oh man, and if Peter’s name was on the list. LOL Stiles being like ‘We already killed him once, we do it again AND get paid!’

But you’re dead.



Fucking kids care more about each other than we do

im crying

so important